What a great 2019 it was! I am looking forward to a beautiful and exciting 2020.  I was so fortunate to be able to continue my path to Joyfulness spending time developing facilitator guides for The Pathfinder and beginning  The Teen Pathfinder with a tentative launch date of August 2020.  Traveling, visiting our daughter and her family, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends and enjoying a wonderful life in Southwest Florida, rounded out a most spectacular year.   

We spent our last five days of the year taking in city life in Washington DC. I was so fortunate to spend a morning with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin at a Fire Drill Friday Rally-.  Inspired by Greta Thurnberg, Jane is working with scientists, other celebrities, and community leaders to take action on climate change. She has been at the forefront of social activism for 40 years and has never stopped. I loved making an instant connection with Lily!

​At 82 years old, Jane continues to be an Inspiration!  She is dynamic, courageous, confident and elegant. She vows not to give up until we all understand the we have the collective power to demand that our government recognize the urgent need for climate justice.  “We can no longer stand by and let our elected officials ignore, and even worse — empower — the industries that are destroying our planet for profit.”

If you are Inspired  to take part in Fire Drill Fridays, visit https://firedrillfridays.com

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