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Letters and notes give us some of our most treasured memories and a bit of history to be shared with family and friends and to the next generation.  What is written today can be read and enjoyed for years to come.  Our cards, and our kind words can touch future generations.

Think about the last time you received a card from a friend, a parent, a child.  In this fast- paced world of electronic excess, it means so much to take the time to put our thoughts, our stories, our dreams into a note or card that can bring a smile, a memory to someone special.  Take a moment, send a memory and a smile with personal notecards. 

These unique and beautifully illustrated notecards are perfect for staying connected to family and friends especially  during this time.  The images were created by Rebecca Myers in 1932.  They were the inspiration for the Pillars of Pathfinding.  Each card represents an influential woman in my life and symbolizes an important characteristic.  You will love sending the cards to friends and loved ones. And they will love receiving them! It’s so much more than just a card.







Set of 6 The Women of the Pathfinder Note Cards cost is $15 plus $4.95 Shipping and Handling. 

The Women of the Pathfinder

These strong vibrant women – the foundation for the power of my I AM – the Pillars of my life.  They have left their lasting impression on me. Their extraordinary gifts have been instrumental in forming the power of who I AM. They Inspire me. They encourage Reflection. They generate love, devotion and Compassion. They demonstrate Confidence. They reveal the importance of Friendship and Harmony with others. Most of all, they have afforded me the gift of Joyfulness. Each of these women has been there to guide me down my path. They have been part of my life force and energy.  They have inspired me to  write The Pathfinder  with the hopes that you will discover the power of your I AM and to thrive in that discovery! – Click here to read more.

No matter how successful our lives have been, we all have an inner yearning for more, for a path that will make our existence even more complete. The Pathfinder provides not only principles, but daily processes that explore our inner selves over the course of a year. This book takes us on a path of greater self-discovery.


The beautiful layout, enticing words and exploration activities in Pathfinder are soothing as a guiding hand from a dear friend. Victoria shows with enchanting ease how to work through the maze of self with thoughtful reflection while using her activities and journaling to help you find your best self on your journey of life.


The Pathfinder

Is your trusted confidant that will guide you down the path to realizing the power of your I AM. Your year-long journey will guide you to:

  • Enhancing your emotional and spiritual development and realizing your innate goodness.
  • Recognizing yourself as a compassionate creative human being.
  • Being more thoughtful, insightful and mindful.
  • Valuing your strengths and confirming your authentic self – Your I AM.
  • Increasing your confidence through reflection.
  • Gaining knowledge and insights about your values, your goals, your emotions and your connections to others and the world around you.
  • Discovering Joyfulness.

Embracing the Power of Your I AM


I AM Inspired to live my most abundant and healthiest life.


I AM Reflective and appreciative of all my life experiences.


I AM Compassionate towards myself and others around me.


I AM Confident that good shall prevail over evil.


I AM in Harmony with my actions and my words in my daily life.


I AM Joyful to have the love and support of the people around me.

Is The Pathfinder for you?

If you are motivated toward self-discovery, self-actualization, social awareness and visionary leadership — The Pathfinder is for you.  If you wish to better understand yourself and those around  you — The Pathfinder is for you.  If you  are experiencing or have experienced a traumatic, stressful, life-changing or otherwise emotional event- The Pathfinder is for you.

About Victoria


I AM Victoria Peterson a first time author, long-time wife, mother, grandmother and an award-winning retired teacher of 47 years. In my many years of teaching I  focused on the importance of kindness, the value of emotional intelligence and the cultivation of minds. 

Embracing life, I am filled with the love of family and friends. My most precious times are with my husband, daughter and two grandsons. I love to travel, to meet new people, to experience different cultures, and to discover more about myself and the world around me.  I value every minute and every day and find Joy in the kindness and goodness of others. 

I have been fortunate to have strong, vibrant women in my life who guided me to realizing the power of my I AM. These women and their qualities left a lasting impression on me and were the Inspiration for The Pathfinder

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