The Pathfinder: Embark on a 365-day Interactive Journey from Inspiration to Joyfulness

“Today people are looking for instant and momentary happiness from materialistic things. Happiness comes from self -realization and getting to know yourself and the purpose of life. Satisfaction in life is more important than success. One is driven by helping others not just  by striving for yourself. The Pathfinder has so much to offer to people who like to be happy under all the circumstances of their life.”

Rani Gupta, First Women Engineer Ford Motor Co.

FORT MYERS, FL (May 28, 2019) — After a successful 47-year teaching career, author Victoria S. Peterson awoke to an “Aha” moment. Inspired by a portfolio of sketches drawn by her aunt in 1932, Peterson realized that she is the essence of the six powerful, ahead-of-their-time women in the sketches – their qualities are the foundation, or Pillars, of her life. These strong women gave her confidence, revealed the importance of friendship and harmony with others, and most of all, gave her the gift of joyfulness. Why not share this inspiration, helping others begin their own journey to Joyfulness?

Now, with strength and compassion, Peterson is doing just that. In her new book, THE PATHFINDER: A 365-Day Interactive Journey (Flower of Life Press, May 10, 2019) Peterson helps us navigate the path to joyfulness and to the discovery of the power of the I AM. The interactive journal is now on sale on Amazon.

She presents the six Pillars of Pathfinding as her foundation: Inspiration, Reflection, Compassion, Confidence, Harmony, and Joyfulness. The Pathfinder emphasizes self-discovery, self-actualization, social awareness, and visionary leadership.

Divided into twelve chapters corresponding to the six Pillars, each Pillar emphasizes the importance of both the Internal and External qualities to provide the greatest opportunity for true transformational change. At the beginning of each chapter is an explanation of each Pillar followed by eight to 10 activities that nourish the soul, explorations that invite the acknowledgement of personal power, and practices that enhance calmness and balance. They are designed to encourage the reader to think deeply about him or herself and how they fit into the world. Some involve specific challenges or a series of undertakings, some are open-ended, and most encourage journaling through writing and or the arts. They invite the reader to be insightful, involved, mindful and to use these Pillars as the foundation to harness the power of their I AM.

The Pathfinder will appeal to readers who are desiring transformation, dealing with or having dealt with challenging life issues, or who simply want to become more self-aware, creating more joy in their lives. The journal-style format of the book enables the reader to be proactive and to embrace their individual journey.

Peterson’s hope is that this journey will be a valuable and enjoyable experience—a discovery of ways to reflect, to be more present, and to help readers view themselves, others, and the events that occur around them with a newfound and enlightened outlook on life.

The Pathfinder is available on Amazon and

About Victoria S. Peterson, Author

About Victoria Stoddard Peterson

Victoria Stoddard Peterson was born in Richmond, Virginia.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, award-winning and National Board-certified teacher of 47 years in Virginia and Florida where she now resides. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Education from North Carolina Wesleyan and her Master of Science in Education from Syracuse University. During her years of teaching, she studied under some of the most prominent names in education at the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary and Johns Hopkins University.  It was during these years that she developed an appreciation for cooperative learning, the importance of the development of emotional intelligence, and the cultivation of the minds.

Throughout her teaching years, she worked with a wide range of students from academically challenged to gifted students in first grade through high school. She spent her last five years in Virginia as a differentiation specialist and coordinating programs in the arts and technology for students of all abilities. Victoria  directed many summer scholars’ programs including the Virginia Governor’s Summer Mentorship Program. She came to Florida 15 years ago  where she taught middle school language arts for 13 years.  It was during this time, that she received National Board Certification. She was recognized by the Golden Apple Program and named Collier Co. Middle School Teacher of the Year.  In 2016, she received the Stand Up for Justice Award from the Jewish Federation of Collier County.

While working with all students- no matter what grade level or area- she emphasized  the importance of self-discovery, self-actualization, social awareness and visionary leadership.  It is the development of these qualities that are interwoven within the activities, challenges, and explorations in The Pathfinder.


  • Publisher: Flower of Life Press
  • On sale: May 22, 2019
  • Price: $24.99
  • ISBN: 978-1-7337409-2-0


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Imagine a pathway to discovering your authentic self and how you fit into today’s world. The Pathfinder provides that pathway by exploring your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your goals. Our hope is that you will gain confidence, a passionate enthusiasm for life and a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Victoria Peterson, Author

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