During these challenging times, you may notice an increased feeling of isolation, boredom, frustration, and even sadness. You may find that you lack energy, feel drained, and are anxious about the uncertainty of it all.  This is only natural, and you certainly are not alone.  You may have found some balance in your life by meditation, yoga, exercise, social media interaction, and even cooking.  Another powerful coping tool is to journal. According to Victoria Cain associate professor at Northeastern University,  “The act of putting pen to paper has been found to bring certain therapeutic benefits.” It can reduce distress, improve mood, and assuage psychological trauma and even lower blood pressure.

Caeli Chesin, a student at the University of Massachusetts, suggests that “There is a lot of potential to use the time (that we are locked in) to connect with loved ones, slow down, reflect, and create.” She believes that, “The most effective way to keep me on that track and not get too slumped down is by journaling.”

Journaling can give insight into your deepest thoughts. It can connect you with your innermost self and can have a positive impact on your mind, body, and spirit. According to Robert Kraft, (Professor of Cognitive Psychology), “One effective way to promote emotional well- being is to express what’s going on in our interior lives. Such expression helps with day-to-day frustrations as well as more emotionally intense periods in our lives.  It frees up mental space and allows us the time to pause, focus, and reflect, especially during difficult times.”  

If the idea of journaling interests you, I encourage you to consider The Pathfinder an Interactive Journal.  The Pathfinder provides stimulating, exciting activities, challenges, and explorations that may provide balance to your life. It may even reduce your negative feelings and increase your emotional well- being.

To out more about the power of journaling you may be interested in reading:

“Why Mundane Moments Truly Matter” by Senra Sethi, New York Times

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“Journaling for Your Health” by Robert Kraft, Psychology Today

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Victoria Peterson, Author

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