These strong vibrant women – the foundation for the power of my I AM – the Pillars of my life.  They have left their lasting impression on me. Their extraordinary gifts have been instrumental in forming the power of who I AM. They Inspire me. They encourage Reflection. They generate love, devotion and Compassion. They demonstrate Confidence. They reveal the importance of Friendship and Harmony with others. Most of all, they have afforded me the gift of Joyfulness. Each of these women has been there to guide me down my path. They have been part of my life force and energy.  They have inspired me to  write The Pathfinder  with the hopes that you will discover the power of your I AM and to thrive in that discovery!

Evelyn (1932-present) Inspiration.

She has gone through many hard times – beginning with the diagnosis of her daughter’s deafness to the heart wrenching decision to place her in a home for the deaf miles away. That was just the beginning of a long journey with many ups and downs. As a deaf person, her daughter spoke differently and was often mocked.  Evelyn vividly describes the moment she confronted a woman who ridiculed her daughter. At that instant she realized the importance and power of  confronting intolerance and since then has had the courage to speak out in the face of injustice. She inspires me every day to stand up for what I believe in and to keep a positive attitude knowing that much of life is only what you make of it.   “Move forward and enjoy the ride.”

Sally (1922-2009)  is Reflection. 

She had a gentle and optimistic spirit. She was thoughtful and reflective about her position in the world and her influence on others. Sally devoted her life to those around her in a clam, quiet, and graceful manner. She was born with all the trappings of a woman raised in the South in the early 20th century. Yet, she was able to Reflect on her life, to see past the culture of the times and become her own person with her special identity. Sally taught me the importance of having a clear vision of myself- the power of who I AM and where I want to go. “Smile in the face of trouble,  Grow strong from Adversity, Gain wisdom from Reflection.”

My mother, Annie (1909-1983)and her sister, Becky, (1914-1988) are Compassion.

The two sisters were devoted friends who demonstrated compassion for each other, their families and their friends in the most difficult of times. They  worked long and hard and struggled with their personal demons. Both were married to World War II veterans who suffered from what we now know as PTSD.  Life was difficult. They cared for others and they loved us and each other unconditionally.  They taught me the importance of care and compassion which I try to emulate every day.  “They were often apart in distance but never in heart.”

Diddie (1913-2001) is Confidence. She was the classic example of a self-assured woman. 

She strived to be successful in all she did.  In an era when women in management were virtually non-existent, Diddie became the first woman officer of a major corporation. She was adventurous and daring. She even celebrated her 80th birthday by riding an elephant. She had deep rooted values, she knew what she was good at and she went after what she wanted.  Diddie gave me the confidence to be a risk-taker and to tackle challenges whenever they arise.  “If you go where few have gone, you will find what few have found.”

Francis(1914-1998)  is Harmony.

Frances experienced great sadness in her life. Many would never know the personal pain that she endured. Her comfort came from music and friendship.   She often spoke about the healing power of music and how it brought Harmony and pleasure to her life. I have found Harmony in my life by being with friends and family and sharing a remarkable support system. I think of all the friends I have had throughout the years and how, through kindness and giving of themselves, they have been there for me. “Play the moment, Pause the memories, Soothe the Soul.”

Beatrice is Joyfulness.

(1921-2010) Joy is the soul of happiness and Beatrice displayed joy in everything she did.  Beatrice was a decorated Air Medivac commissioned nurse who met her handsome husband while serving in the South Pacific in WW II.  Elegant, independent and loved by everyone for her charming ways; she loved to entertain and worked tirelessly to help others see the joy in their lives. She taught me the meaning of joyfulness of being of service to others. “ Find Something to Do, Someone to Love, And Dance the Night Away.”

Discover The Pathfinder

A Journal You Will Want to Keep Forever!

Imagine a pathway to discovering your authentic self and how you fit into today’s world. The Pathfinder provides that pathway by exploring your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your goals. Our hope is that you will gain confidence, a passionate enthusiasm for life and a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Victoria Peterson, Author

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